CON.ACT-"Twist and Talk"

Twist&Talk: "In, Out, With"

In, Out, With – dance improvisation and discursive practices in times of social change

How do we influence society’s choreography and how are we being choreographed by it? Which “scores” make us move without knowing it? Will I still be regarded as one of us if I am “out”? What does it mean to be with others, and how does the other move if the other is me or you? In what way are those and other discourses incorporated by our bodies, movements and dances? The Twist&Talk series will create a setting in which those issues can be addressed in order to promote a culture of “embodied discourse”.

Twist&Talk is part of the extensive, participatory, artistic-scientific research project CON.ACT. This research project examines how useful certain contemporary dance improvisation techniques can be in dealing with current social issues.

CON.ACT / Etappe 1 is made possible by a cooperation between Tanzquartier Wien, Im_flieger and rollingpoint.

All dates:

Sat, 29 Sept, 15.00–18.30, TQW Studios

Sat, 20 Oct, 15.00–18.30, TQW Studios

Sat, 10 Nov, 15.00–18.30, Im_flieger