Sharing The Dance

Sharing the Dance* is an open format for all dancers and performers who are interested in improvisation as part of a group. Multifarious approaches to dance- and movement-improvisation, communication about content as well as exchange with other communities and art forms take center of the Saturday afternoons. Sharing the Dance sees itself as part of an artistic and social concept of living, a practice and further development at an individual and shared artistic level. In 2010, the project was initialized by Kerstin Kussmaul and Christian Apschner at Tanzquartier Wien. From Season 2015/16 on, maRia Probst and Christian Apschner take the common direction and curatorship.

* Inspired by the book title Sharing the Dance by Cynthia Jean Novack, who researched the cultural and socio-political dimensions of contact improvisation in the US in the 1970s and 1980s.

No registration needed!
Open to all levels of experience!
Pay-as-you-wish, recommended appreciation contribution: 5 - 10 €

Tanzquartier Studios:


Upcoming dates:

28.1., 4.3., 1.4., 20.5., 17.6.2017
15.00 - 18.30h 


Sa 17.6.2017: "About reasons to be a mover"

For sure, there are many reasons to dance. On this last session of Sharing the Dance, we would like to have Steve Paxton’s, Pina Bausch’s and Mark Strand’s say. But primarily we invite you to share your personal motivation which makes you dance. We take these contributions as a starting point for solo- and group-improvisations which will be enriched by selected sound frames. 

Steve Paxton:

Pina Bausch:

Mark Strand:

Sa 20.5.2017:  "Postfactual Dance"

Modern dance – postmodern dance – postfactual dance – post-postfucktual dance? And attention: Oxytocin infusion can tie the activities of your critical mind up.
But don’t be afraid: No, we did not get crazy but want to encounter a definitely political battery of questions during this afternoon. Thereby, dancing is allowed and welcome!


Sa 1.4.2017: The Underscore – Improvisation and Contact improvisation as a society constituting tool?

The Underscore due to Nancy Stark Smith is a very helpful, a time and spacial defining frame, to practice contact improvisation in a group with a high level of concentration. Starting from the structure of the Underscore which we will introduce in the afternoon, we are questioning the society constituting potential of improvisation and contact improvisation in general.

Time schedule:
15.00 – 15.45 introduction into the theme and the Underscore (the knowledge about the structure of the Underscore is required to participate in the dance practice)
15.45 – 17.45 Underscore (dance practice)
17.45 – 18.30 reflection and discussion round


Sat 4.3.2017, 15.00 - 18.30h:
Contemporary Dance for Motion Adventurer

On this afternoon, we will play in various ways with smallest key-coordination like coccyx-navigation. In the continuing process, we test the effect of our action in space-reaching movements and upon the aesthetic component in the extended improvisation.


Sat 28.1.2017, 15.00 - 18.30h: Dancing with books

We use all kind of books as a source of inspiration for solo- and group-improvisations. In diverse improvisation structures, we research how books can become objects as part of the dance space or how the content of the books influences our movement and the way we meet the other dancers. Together we create a collective book with collected impressions and experiences. We invite all participants to bring their own books.