CI-DOJO (Training+Jam)

photocredits: Laurent Ziegler

DOJO=Training+Jam, alternating advanced and
open level (beginners welcome, bring your friends!)

Summersemester 2022 beginning 3.3.2022

Open level DOJO: 10.3., 24.3., 7.4., 5.5., 19.5., 9.6.

Advanced DOJO: 3.3., 17.3., 31.3., 21.4., 12.5., 2.6., 23.6.

Training: 18.15-19.30
Jam: 19.30-20.45
no registration needed

Turnsaal Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien

A dōjō, is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. This is traditionally in the field of martial arts, but has been seen increasingly in other fields. The term literally means “place of the the Way” in Japanese.

More space to learn and dance Contact Improvisation:

The dojo alternates between the special needs for beginners and advanced dancers. A guided CI training session is followed by a contact jam. An almost 200m2 large gym in the VS Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien with perfect wooden floor is available for us as a training room.

Open level CI-DOJO: The open level dojos also invite all interested newcomers without any previous knowledge to try out and participate (“Tasting Contact Improvisation”). The 1,5h training sessions are about learning CI fundamentals. We will start the jams with an opening round and short guided warm up.

Advanced CI-DOJO: The sessions offer a strongly physically oriented movement and contact improvisation training. We will work on deepening the basic principles of the CI, such as the consistent following of the rolling contact point as well as on the specific technique for lifts and partnering sequences such as
dancing offbalance/commitment to fall
center to center rollingpoint of contact 
flying Low/high
moving with momentum
Come prepared! 

Costs: training 10 - 15€, jam 6 - 10€, training+jam 12 - 20€
Payment should be made on our bank account
IBAN: AT54 3200 0000 1701 2717, BIC: RLNWATWW

Important note: Before entering the gym cloakroom, please take off your shoes. Never take scooters or bicycles to school!

photocredits: Laurent Ziegler