Semester courses

day time teacher course place
mo 18.30-20.30 maRia 1 RELEASZ - Contempory Dance and Somatics / open level Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien
tue 18.00-20.30 maRia/Christian 2 Contact Improvisation Jam Einsiedlerg. 7, 1050 Wien
wed 18.00-20.40 Christian u.a. 3 Wild and Soft - Contact Improvisation / advanced Einsiedlerg. 7, 1050 Wien
thu 18.15-20.30 maRia/Christian 4 Contact Improvisation and -Technique Basics / beginner Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien


Non-German speakers very welcome. We teach bilingual German and English.

New courses (summer semester 2024) will be starting from 26.- 29.2.2024

1 RELEASZ - Contempory Dance and Somatics

with maRia Probst
Contemporary Dance - open level
mo 18.30 - 20.30
Turnsaal VS Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien

Release technique into momentum. Improvisation, dance sequences, somatics and embodiment

2 Contact Improvisation Jam + Specials

Christian Apschner, maRia Probst and guest teachers
tue Jam 18.00 – 20.30
Turnsaal VS Einsiedlergasse 7, 1050 Wien

Our jams are a place for focused Contact Improvisation dancing where CI is practiced as contemporary dance and art form. We want to offer a space in which everyone feels safe. Participants are asked to have CI course experience in the sense of basic knowledge.

Before the Jam from 17.15 to 18.15 we offer an one hour training focusing on different aspects of CI with guest teachers.

3 “Wild and Soft” - Contact Improvisation advanced

with Christian Apschner
wed 18.00 - 20.40
Turnsaal VS Einsiedlergasse 7, 1050 Wien

Lets get physical! We create a connection between the athletic and meditative and learn to take weight in a body-friendly way through anatomically good alignment, tonus modulation and the use of momentum. In our learning process we want to find the ability to follow the flow of movement and at the same time to perceive the dance so presently that this flow can directed and redirected in a playful way.

4 Contact Improvisation and -Technique Basics (beginner)

with Christian Apschner
thu 18.15 – 20.30
Turnsaal VS Gilgegasse 12, 1090 Wien

ongoing study group

Exploring Contact basics such as rolling, falling, landing, spiraling
Giving and taking weight, rolling point of contact
Core strenght, mobility and coordination training
Easy jumps and lifts
Group improvisation and Instant Composition
Anatomical Release Technique, 3-D coordination for Contact Improvisation
Verbal feedback rounds

Registration and Costs:

Registration: Please send us an email to
phone Christian +43 650 8931081, maRia +43 650 9510814

Costs Course 1 ,3 and 4: € 250 (regular), € 210 (reduced), € 170 (students <28a)
single class: € 27 (regular), € 20 (reduced)

Jam € 7 - 12
Semester Contact Improvisation Jam: € 100 - 150

If you book two courses, you get a discount of €30,- for the second/third course.

No classes on school holiday

Bankaccount.: IBAN: AT54 3200 0000 1701 2717, BIC: RLNWATWW, Verein rollingpoint